Shoot-n-Shower is a timed basketball shoot off. When the timer starts the game
begins, with the display showing the score and time remaining. When the time expires
the losing player gets a 10 second shower. In the event of a tie, both players get
soaked! Two or four players at a time. Shoot-n- Shower is self-contained. No need to
run water hose or power cable, all systems are all included on board. If the weather is
too cold for the shower spray, that system can be turned off and the game can be
played using only the scoreboard. Either way, the Shoot-n-Shower is sure to be a huge
hit with all ages at your next event.


  • Length 30ft.
  • Width: 10ft.
  • Height 11ft.7in.

Power: 110 Dedicated Line

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